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Wind Bands of Every Flavor Episode 12: Fall 2010 Repertoire Roundtable

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Wind Bands of Every Flavor Episode 12: Fall 2011 Repertoire Roundtable

Join host Dr. Chad Nicholson and his guest panelists as they make suggestions for a variety of concert openers, chorale/lyrical pieces, “big” pieces, and closers to help directors plan their concerts this year! Dr. Matthew Brunner from Temple University and Mr. Matthew Arau from Loveland, Colorado, discuss their favorite pieces–from Bernstein to de Meij, from new works to old Hindsley transcriptions, there will be something for everyone!

If you would like more podcasts that focus on wind band repertoire, let me know at windbands@gmail.com!


Wind Bands of Every Flavor Episode 11: Steven Bryant Returns! And, the U. S. Army Band hosts a new competition!

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Wind Bands of Every Flavor Podacst Episode 11:  Steven Bryant Returns!

Composer Steven Bryant joins host Chad Nicholson to discuss the completion of his massive new work for winds, the Concerto for Wind Ensemble, to be premiered by Jerry Junkin and the University of Texas Wind Ensemble!  Then, Staff Sergeant Leigh LaFosse stops by from Washington, D.C., to talk about an new competition for college students–the grand prize is an all expense-paid trip to D.C. to solo with the United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own”!

Wind Bands of Every Flavor Episode 10 is UP! Composer Jonathan Newman stops by for a chat!

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Wind Bands of Every Flavor Episode 10: An Interview with Jonathan Newman

Renowned composer Jonathan Newman joins host Chad Nicholson for Episode 10 of Wind Bands of Every Flavor, and he shares many insights into his creative processes, as well as musical elements we might consider with our own ensembles.  Then, Minnesota band director Nicholas Ellison hosts a  special guest segment that gives us all food for thought when starting the new school year!